About BoS

Connecting and supporting businesses in the Saxmundham area

Representing the local business community:

  • Promoting prosperity and well-being in and around Saxmundham
  • Showcasing Saxmundham as a good place to visit and do business
  • Creating greater lobbying power for issues that affect business owners

Holding regular meetings:

  • Meet other business owners
  • Exchange information
  • Find new suppliers and promote your own business

Supporting the town of Saxmundham:

  • Promoting local events and festivals
  • Sponsoring hanging baskets and Christmas lights

Part of a wider organisation:

Businesses of Saxmundham is part of Suffolk Coast Business,
formerly the Heritage Coast Market Towns Initiative (HCMTI)

  • Representation, advice and routes to funding
  • Monthly networking breakfasts
  • Popular annual conference
  • Low cost skills workshops

Our partner associations are in Aldeburgh, Framlingham and Leiston.

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