10 reasons to shop local

By supporting local and independent businesses, you’re helping in so many ways:


  1. Quality Goods and Services at Affordable Prices
    Research has shown that people receive better customer care and service from local businesses. Traders survive by their reputation and repeat business, so staying local means that you get a higher standard of service.


  1. Save Money
    When you take into account travel costs, parking and those unnecessary impulse purchases you could actually save by spending locally. Using a locally-based service provider means you do not have to pay extra to cover their travel time and fuel costs.


  1. Spending Locally Sustains Our Community
    Spending locally helps to provide interaction between local people, where they can meet, socialise and spend. Getting to know your local retailers and service providers helps you feel part of your local community.


  1. More Responsive to Customers Needs
    Independent businesses are able to respond more quickly to the needs of local customers, tailoring their services to meet the changing needs of the local population.


  1. Keeping Saxmundham Unique
    No one wants to live in a clone town, retaining the character and individuality of Saxmundham is important and encouraging and supporting independent shops and business can really help maintain its unique character.


  1. Local Business Owners Invest in the Community
    Local businesses have invested in your local community and are more likely to support local community groups and causes than large multinationals.


  1. Spending Locally Helps the Environment
    Use local services and cut down on CO2 emissions. Why pay for a decorator or electrician to travel from out of the area when one is available on your doorstep? Local shops often stock a high percentage of local sourced goods, products and do not require long car & bus journeys to get to, helping to reduce our global footprint.


  1. Easy Access for All
    Local shops and services provide valuable services for the whole community, especially for those without their own transport. This is invaluable for the elderly and vulnerable in our community.


  1. Local Jobs for the People of IP17
    A thriving business economy around Saxmundham creates local employment, and these people in turn spend in the local economy. Evidence shows that for every £10 spent in an independent shop £25 is generated for the local economy compared to £14 spent in multinationals.


  1. Like Attracts Like
    A thriving local business community attracts further businesses to the area, increasing the range of services available, improving the look of our streets and increasing job opportunities for local people.